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"For nine scintillating minutes, this short [The Photographer] film weaves an intellectual web to test these limits inside a unique psyche better than films ten times its length"

Every Movie Has A Lesson on The Photographer

"It is the confident energy of the direction, tonal balance and powerful performances that makes You (Us) Me a pleasure to watch."

Screen Anarchy on You (Us) Me

"Max Sobol's debut directorial feature You (Us) Me is a fast paced, funny, shocking, tragic and ultimately cogent view of dysfunctional relationships at their extreme."


Twitch Film on You (Us) Me

"Disturbing, potentially offensive and darkly humorous, British writer-director Max Sobol’s debut feature is a serial-killer romance not quite like any that have come before."

 The Hollywood Reporter on You (Us) Me

"The Photographer is a near-perfect short that looks at morality, responsibility, and perspective. Exquisitely made and utterly compelling, this is absolutely one to watch."

UK Film Review on The Photographer

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